Final Cut Library Manager
Housekeeping for your Libraries!


(Version 3.70)

macOS 10.11 El Capitan minimum and
Final Cut Pro X 10.2 minimum required
English - Français - German

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Basic Management *
All your libraries in one window
Instant search on library names
Information on associated media, media folders and caches
Information on used and recoverable disk space
Follow the state of your libraries and media: on-line, off-line and missing
Create a template from an existing library (limited to 1)
Create libraries, either empty or from the template that you create
See a list of all exported media
* Please, try it in this free Basic Management license, to ensure that it works in your own workflow before you purchase.
Advanced Management
Reclaim your disk space! Clean one or more libraries with just a few clicks
Advanced search on events, associated media, keywords, exports...
Add searchable comments to your libraries and events
Create any number of templates from your existing libraries
Option Duplicate, Move, Delete
Duplicate, move and delete your libraries
Option Exported Media
Direct access to your exports in QuickTime, in the Finder or on the Internet
Option Export To CSV
Export your list of libraries or external media in CSV format
PROMO: -15%: Complete Pack
Advanced Management (Cleaning, advanced search...): €25.00
Option Copy, Move, Delete: €4.00
Option Exported Media: €4.00
Option Export To CSV: €4.00
(approx. $37)
Note that VAT will be added for European customers.