Final Cut Library Manager is 3 years old!

This is already the third year of consolidation that’s coming to an end: Final Cut Library Manager is now mature and strong! It’s thanks to your feedback and to all of you who help spread the word! Thank you!

To celebrate this, we’re offering a 30% reduction from 3rd to 6th March 2017.

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VideoTweet 1.5

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released version 1.50 of VideoTweet!

  • Videos can now be up to 140 seconds long (thanks Twitter!)
  • Your tweets can be 24 characters longer (thanks Twitter!)
  • Improved feedback during the processing/uploading of the video
  • Improved optimisation of the video based on its length
  • Various UI improvement
  • French translation
  • Bug fixes

VideoTweet remains the perfect utility for quickly tweeting video from your Mac, and it still maintains its great advantage of allowing you to tweet directly from Final Cut Pro X !

The free version is fully functional with your tweets accompanied by #VideoTweet and a link to our site.
To get back all 140 characters, you can buy a licence for just 3€ until the end of January.
The regular price is €4.90, the price of a good cup of tea!

Happy 2017

In 2015 Apple sent a strong message to the entire community of amateur and professional editors that Final Cut Pro X is alive and that it will continue to mature. In addition, Final Cut Library Manager has become an essential tool for many editors, and we’ll ensure that it continues to be so as Final Cut Pro itself evolves.

For its part, the little VideoTweet is beginning to be known worldwide, mainly because it allows to tweet directly from FCPX.

So for 2017 we wish you a fantastic and creative new year with these great tools at your side!

Tim and Vincent :)

Final Cut Library Manager 3.20

We are excited to introduce Final Cut Library Manager 3.20! We’ve worked hard to adapt the user interface so that it feel right at home next to the new interface of Final Cut Pro 10.3, while keeping making changes that improve readability. We’ve added support for libraries created by Final Cut Pro 10.3 and of course we’ve taken the opportunity to fix some bugs.

Just go to the Final Cut Library Manager menu, then Check for Updates...

Tim & Vincent


We’re excited to announce our new utility application for Mac, VideoTweet.

As its name implies, this application unashamedly focuses on one objective – to offer the simplest, most elegant and most efficient way of sending videos to Twitter.

Twitter’s video requirements are strict, and VideoTweet handles all the nasty details to make uploading a video with your tweet breeze. You can send videos directly from the application, or share them directly from iPhoto, QuickTime and even Final Cut Pro.

The application is free and fully functional, however tweets will contain a link back to our site. If you buy us a nice cup of tea the link will disappear :)

We’re very excited about this release. As usual, if you have and feedback or suggestions then please let us know!

Tim & Vincent