Final Cut Pro 10.2, and NAB 2015 offer!

Two pieces of good news!

First, Final Cut Library Manager is almost ready for the all new Final Cut Pro 10.2. We need to do some more tests, and a new version will be available in the next few days. Note that in the mean time the cleaning functions are automatically disabled in the current version of FCLM in order to protect your data.

Finally, to celebrate NAB 2015, Final Cut Library Manager has 25% off until April 17, 2015! You can get the full version for just €14.25 instead of €19!


Final Cut Library Manager is 1 year old!


Today, Wednesday 4th March, Final Cut Library Manager is 1 year old! To celebrate, we are offering 25% off the normal price! It’s for one day only!

And for those who wish to quickly rediscover this exciting first year, read this article on

Many thanks to you all for your support!

Tim and Vincent

Final Cut Library Manager 2.66

It’s been a few months, but Final Cut Library Manager version 2.66 is finally here.

This release has targeted the performance issues that some of you have been experiencing. It’s now much quicker to start up and become ready for action. Let us know what you think!

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • FCLM is now much quicker to start up, particularly after the first launch.
  • By popular demand the contextual (right-click) menu is back.
  • You can now manually force a refresh of the list via the File menu. This is useful for when there are state changes that FCLM can’t follow, such as changes to externally referenced files.
  • The German translation has been updated.
  • Many stability and bug fixes.

2014 was an amazing year – let’s continue together in 2015!

2014 was an exciting year for us! On Tuesday, March 4, 2014 we released Final Cut Library Manager and generated over 1,500 visits to our website that same day! This product was primarily born out of our own needs in the editing room, but the enthusiastic response we got showed us that Final Cut Library Manager had captured the interests of Final Cut Pro users world-wide.

FCLM 1.00, March 2014

We very quickly received tons of feedbacks and requests, and once we had prioritized the development we were able to release version 1.5 extremely quickly. Yet more requests and an underlying change by Apple then let us to release version 2.0 just a few months later!

FCLM 2.60, 9 months later!

The latest version (2.60) prepares us for the future, replacing the trash can button on each line with a menu that will include new possibilities for managing your libraries. For example, the new Library Template feature…

And all this is thanks to you!

Arctic Whiteness is a home-run, two-man business. It’s through your purchase that we can take time to improve Final Cut Library Manager! We hope that next year we be as fruitful as this one’s been! If you like it, talk about it on social networks and around you (please!). Your comments are always welcome through our contact page.

Happy New Year! :)