We’re excited to announce our new utility application for Mac, VideoTweet.

As its name implies, this application unashamedly focuses on one objective – to offer the simplest, most elegant and most efficient way of sending videos to Twitter.

Twitter’s video requirements are strict, and VideoTweet handles all the nasty details to make uploading a video with your tweet breeze. You can send videos directly from the application, or share them directly from iPhoto, QuickTime and even Final Cut Pro.

The application is free and fully functional, however tweets will contain a link back to our site. If you buy us a nice cup of tea the link will disappear :)

We’re very excited about this release. As usual, if you have and feedback or suggestions then please let us know!

Tim & Vincent

Final Cut Library Manager 3.10

Hot on the heels of version 3.00, we've just released version 3.10 of Final Cut Library Manager!

This version has undergone some significant underlying changes in order to make it super speedy. A number of you were experiencing very slow start up times and 'beachballing' when launching the application. With the help of some of our users we managed to understand the cause and find a solution, so FCLM now starts up much, much more quickly than ever before!

We've also added a useful new feature. If the current search matches some external media files (on either the name, keywords, or media notes) then we now highlight the those files when clicking on the 'xx external media' links:

Happy 2016!

Final Cut Library Manager’s nearly 2 years old, and despite it's short life we've already added many improvements. During 2015 a significant amount of effort has been put into the new major release of version 3. With the new year now here, you’ll soon get a chance to discover what we’ve been working so hard on. With version 3.0 the word “Manager” takes on even more meaning! We can’t wait to show it to you…

Meanwhile, we wish you happy 2016!

FCLM 2.72 now offers support for Final Cut Pro 10.2.2

While working on the third major version, we’ve just released Final Cut Library Manager v2.72 that now offers support for FCPX 10.2.2. We took this opportunity to fix an issue where newly created libraries in FCLM would need updating in Final Cut Pro once opened.

You can update directly from the Final Cut Library Manager menu, or by downloading it from our Download Try Buy page.